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James Stanway

Drum lessons in Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK

£20 per hour
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I offer a friendly, patient, professional and affordable 1 to 1 Drum tuition. I’m based in Birstall – West Yorkshire located just 3 minutes from Junction 27 (M62 near Leeds IKEA).

I teach absolute beginners all the way to advanced players. I teach from ages 10+ my oldest student is 65, it’s never too late to learn! Maybe you’re a complete beginner or you’re in a band and want to build your confidence or take your playing to the next level! I cater personalised lessons for all abilities.

I have over 10 years experience playing numerous styles including; rock, metal, pop, hip hop, indie, blues, latin, classic rock and jazz and have been playing gigs since the age of 12. I have had a lot of experience teaching beginners but I can also teach a wide variety of advanced techniques such as; advanced stick technique, advanced foot technique, fill creation techniques, drum soloing and building creativity.

I also specialise in teaching drumming styles and songs from a mixture of modern + classic rock bands 60’s to present such as; Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Blink 182, Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins, The Who and The Beatles.

My lessons are informal and based around having fun and enjoying playing the drums as I believe students learn faster when they are having fun!

Because I teach full time and not just part time in the evenings/weekends I take pride in the progression of every single student I teach and make sure that they enjoy the lessons and leave feeling inspired to practice.

Thanks for looking! James.

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master
Styles & Specialisms: , , , , , , , , , , ,

I teach at a fixed location (studio)

- 2 Professional quality drum sets.

- Professional sound system for playing along to music / practicing songs in the lesson.

- Over 20 drum method / teaching books and material of all styles.

- Seating area for family / friends and a friendly relaxed environment.

Experience and Qualifications

Over 10 years drumming experience in all styles and techniques (including advanced hand and foot technique.)

- Years of experience teaching a wide range of levels from absolute beginners to advanced gigging drummers.


University BSc Degree - Music
A Level - Music
GCSE - Music
Over 10 years stage experience

Prices & Options

Standard hourly rate: £20

Further pricing details: 30 Minute Lessons - £10

45 Minute Lessons - £15

Hour Lessons (available on special request e.g. grading.)

Testimonials and References

- I was a complete beginner when I started taking lessons with James and learnt a drum beat in the first lesson, very pleased. - Jack.

- The lessons are very practical and everything is well explained. Feel like I'm really progressing every lesson! - Mark.

- James gives me a lot of advice which has really helped me build up my confidence when playing with my band live on stage. - Tony.

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