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* Number of free Contacts per month indicates the maximum which can be achieved under each plan. ‘Contacts’ are leads including full contact details of the new student requesting to start lessons with the tutor. The Basic plan includes up to 3 free Contacts per month, and the Pro plan includes a maximum of 15 Contacts per month. If you run out of your monthly allowance additional Contacts can be added on for 50p each (in bundles of 10 messages = £5 minimum per top up). Profiles on the Maxi Plan can receive unlimited Contacts from new students so you never need to top up.

** On the Basic Plan, although there is no monthly cost to subscribe, you will pay a fee for every new student you gain via your tutor profile listing. The fee for gaining a new student on the Basic plan is proportional to the price of one lesson at your standard hourly rate (minimum £15 per new booking). Subscribe to the Pro or Maxi plan and there are absolutely no fees for gaining new students.

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