How It Works

It’s really simple.

1. Search the map

2. View tutor profiles

3. Book a lesson

No Booking Fees, Zero Commission

We make it really easy to find reliable drum tutors and book lessons – and best of all it’s all totally FREE to search, contact tutors and book lessons.

  • No introduction fees
  • No commission added
  • No ‘premium’ features or “upgrades”
  • No membership fees or hidden costs

We keep advertising to a minimum too – so you won’t find the website littered with adverts. There are a few sponsored links to some carefully chosen partners but that’s it. We only accept sponsorship from relevant drumming and music partners and we have clear policies on who can or can’t advertise on our website.

The website is run by drum teachers and musicians and our aim is to create a great community supporting the work of independent drum tutors.

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In detail:

A step-by-step guide to using the Drum Teacher Map to find a great drum teacher and book lessons online:

Keeping Safe

SafetyBooking drum lessons with a professional drum teacher is meant to be a safe and simple process. Read the guidelines about keeping safe when contacting and meeting drum tutors in the real world.

Safety guidelines

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