Terms of Booking

By submitting a booking request you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Booking:

1. The drum lesson(s) are for the named recipient only and are to take place at the time and location agreed and confirmed by the Teacher.

2. The Teacher will be able to confirm their availability only after you have submitted a booking request. Confirmation of your booking is subject to the Teacher’s availability and your lesson is not confirmed until the Teacher has agreed with you the date and time for the lesson(s).

3. Once confirmed, changes to agreed / confirmed lesson times are permitted under the following conditions only:

  • By giving the Teacher more than 48 hours notice your lesson may be rearranged for another time.
  • By giving the Teacher more than 24 hours notice but less than 48 hours notice you may be able to rearrange your lesson to another time, subject to payment of a fee.
  • If you cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours notice, the Teacher cannot usually provide a replacement lesson and you will need to make a new booking.

4. Missing or forgetting a lesson will result in no refund and no replacement lesson. It is your responsibility to ensure you have full details about the time, date, location and travel arrangements to enable you to attend your lesson at the agreed time and place.

5. Lessons must end at the specified finish time, unless the Teacher agrees to extend the lesson.

6. Unavoidable lateness (for example, due to public transport delays / strikes / service cancellations) will be considered, although the Teacher offers no guarantee that it will be possible to make up “lost time” following lateness due to circumstances beyond your or their control.

7. You must contact the Teacher directly if you need to rearrange a lesson for another time, giving adequate notice as set out in point 3 above. You must leave a message if the Teacher is not available to answer your call and a voicemail service is active. You must notify the Teacher immediately if you are running late for your lesson. When contacting a teacher it is advisable to do this both verbally and in writing by email or text message.

8. The Drum Teacher Map is not an agency and does not employ Teachers, therefore all Teachers advertising their business via this web site are solely responsible for all of their own legal and financial affairs. We are not involved in payment for lessons arranged privately between you and the Teacher, therefore can offer no guarantees or warranty.

9. Your booking request is a private arrangement between you (the Student or the Student’s representative) and the Teacher and is subject to any additional Terms and Conditions provided by the Teacher.

10. When you submit a booking request or enquiry via the Drum Teacher Map web site you consent to your data being transmitted to the Teacher so that he/she may contact you to answer your enquiry or arrange the details for your booking.

11. You may be contacted by a member of the team at the Drum Teacher Map / Drumming Teacher Network, in accordance with the Web Site’s Privacy Policy.

12. References to the words “booking” or “book” are deemed to mean your “offer of making a booking” until you receive a confirmation from the Teacher that your booking has been accepted.

13. In the unlikely scenario that a Teacher cannot accept your offer of making a booking for any reason, you or the Teacher can request that you are referred to a member of the team at the Drumming Teacher Network who will do their best to assign you to the next nearest suitable Teacher. You will not be charged for this service, but you will need to pay the difference in fees if the replacement Teacher’s fee is higher than the original Teacher’s fee.

14. If you select a Mobile Tutor (a Teacher that travels to the Student’s location) you agree to pay the Teacher their reasonable travel expenses in addition to their lesson fee. Payment for travel expenses is normally collected in person in cash on the day of the lesson and may be waived, decreased or increased at the Teacher’s sole discretion.

15. Teachers are responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of their profile as advertised on the Drum Teacher Map web site. As stated in the Terms of Web Site Use, Drum Teacher Map cannot be held liable for any mistakes or omissions, or any changes to a Teacher’s profile. We take misrepresentation seriously and urge you to report any suspected problems with a Teacher immediately to a member of the Admin Team using the Contact Us page of the web site. Web Site users are also advised to read the Safety Guidelines prior to making a booking.

16. You must be over 18 years of age to make a booking. If you are under 18 please ask an adult to book lessons on your behalf. If the Student is under 18 years of age they must be accompanied to the lesson by an adult.

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