Heather Higley

Heather Higley

Drum lessons in Wickford, Essex, UK

£20 per hour
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Drummer with 13 years experience who has been trained by a top quality instructor/player. All ages welcome in theory, depending on individual concentration levels for young children.

Both electronic and acoustic kit available. This choice enables us to work on effective kit techniques, play along with tracks, and even record student performances if so desired.

I approach teaching drums by first providing an effective and solid foundation that develops good technique, limb independence and an ability to play and understand a wide variety of music. We then enrich these foundations in contexts that the student enjoys – i.e. in favourite songs.

Primarily Wickford-based, but able to travel if necessary for an additional fee.

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate
Styles & Specialisms: , , , ,


I do home visits (mobile tutor)

I can travel (up to): around Wickford area

Travel expenses: depending on location

Experience and Qualifications

Trained by accomplished professional drummer and tutor Andy Frost who was in turn trained by legendary drum tutor Bob Armstrong.

Distinction Performing Musician NVQ Level3

I have 13 years playing experience, and 1 and a half years teaching experience to a variety of ages from 6 - 65 years old.

For young children I have developed a related gateway system of music notation that is more visually accessible, and which easily relates to and maps onto adult music scores that the student will progress towards.

I have also worked as a special needs teaching assistant for 2 years.

I have played in an experimental rock trio in Cambridge for three years.

Prices & Options

Standard hourly rate: £20

Further pricing details: Half hour lessons available for young children around 5-8 years.

Testimonials and References

Dave Hillier : I've been having lessons with Heather now for a couple of months. I can highly recommend her as a teacher. She is a musician who plays not only drum kit to a very high standard, but also guitars, as well as composing too. She has even managed to teach me the rudiments of reading music. Something my music teachers at school could never do!

Listed in All Tutors, Mobile Tutor (travels to student's home), References available

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