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‘Danny is an exceptional teacher, bringing enthusiasm and passion to each lesson with his awesome teaching style. Making students feel relaxed and encouraged are at the heart of each lesson.’ – Carly Nicholas

Over 20 years’ teaching experience, plus performance & recording with Roni Size, Kelis, Culprate & more. Enjoyment, curiosity & holistic skill development are front & center.

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master
Styles & Specialisms: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I teach at a fixed location (studio)

2 acoustic kits, full recording facilities.

I have a DBS Disclosure Certificate (What's this?)

DBS date: Ongoing

Experience and Qualifications

- 20+ years teaching in schools, colleges, universities, and at many of my own studio locations.

- Lineaged mindfulness teacher.

Prices & Options

Standard hourly rate: £34

Further pricing details: Lessons as long or as short as you like.

Testimonials and References

'Danny is an exceptional teacher, bringing enthusiasm and passion to each lesson with his awesome teaching style. Making students feel relaxed and encouraged are at the heart of each lesson.' - Carly Nicholas

'Danny is fantastic! He is a passionate, enthusiastic teacher, my son enjoys his lessons very much! Danny's drum lessons are not only making noise and having fun but have had major impact beyond the studio walls too. For example, how to accept the mistakes in our daily life, how to persevere and so much more! My son is thriving, he is building confidence, and it is so good to see the fast development every week without any pressure, just enjoying music, having fun. We feel really fortunate to have found Danny!' - Kati Dobor

'Danny is an exceptional teacher. He's kind, attentive and motivating - and he finds creative ways to encourage his students get really engaged with their learning. Above all, lessons are fun! My son particularly enjoys the fact that he can come to sessions with anything he wants to interpret through the medium of drums (from rock to jazz to comedy), and Danny will guide him through the creative process. Would thoroughly recommend!' - Jenny Dance

'I have been having lessons with Danny for approx. 3 months now starting from scratch with a new instrument.
Danny helped me to familiarize with the basic very quickly while making sure it was all sinking in at a pace that suited me. Due to his attentive teaching style; I am now learning the instrument in a way which Danny has tailored to suit me. The entire experience has been fun, engaging and incredibly satisfying leaving with a new; skill, sequence or concept under my belt.
Couldn't ask for a better tutor if you ask me; always a first recommendation when anyone entertains the idea of learning how to play the drums. 🀘🏻' - Jay Seward

'I would completely recommend Danny, who has been a real inspiration to my son. He works tirelessly to help him learn and practise in ways that suit him best, whilst ensuring he has fun at the same time. His lessons are fantastic.' - Ben Helmore

'I've been learning to play the drums with Danny for the past year and it's been a great experience. I love learning with him because I've never had a teacher that has been so attentive to my needs and how I learn while being capable of giving me great guidance. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of age or level. I only have experience of him teaching me as an adult but the kids that come out of their drum lessons just before my lessons always look so happy and excited so I'm sure he does a great job with them too! Teachers like Danny don't come along that often so make sure to try a lesson with him if you're curious about drumming or if you want to improve skills you already have.' - Sarah Pouele

'Both my children learn with Danny and they are buzzing with excitement during and after his lessons. He is a fantastic teacher - inspiring, encouraging and always helping them to improve. He is very attentive - asking what they want to get out of the lesson and what they liked best about the session at the end. I would highly recommend learning with Danny!' - Vicky Angear

'Danny is in a league of his own.
My 6 year old son started drumming with Danny approximately 6 months ago. Whilst Danny is a talented, inspiring and enthusiastic drummer and teacher who always makes his lessons fun, engaging and student led...... he also truly goes the extra mile for my son.
My son can find it incredibly difficult to concentrate at times, to remain focused and quite often even to sit still. He can be quite hard to reach. Danny made it a priority right from the beginning to establish a solid, trusting relationship with my son. Danny handles and manages any challenging behaviour and distress from my son with compassion, clear boundaries, patience and without any judgement. He teaches my son at a pace that is appropriate to him on a lesson by lesson basis. Danny teaches through a variety of learning platforms in order to keep my son stimulated and engaged. He has even taught him for entire lessons at a time when my son has been hiding under a chair or has been unable even to manage to pick up his drum sticks!
My son loves his lessons, he loves his drumming with Danny and has made such progress with his learning and also emotionally and behaviourally.
Not only is Danny my son’s drum teacher, he has become a trusted adult to my son and also offers great support to me.
If you are looking for a teacher who genuinely cares and takes pride in his students, then you want to be drumming with Danny.
Thanks for everything Danny 😊' - Pippa Dove

'Danny has been teaching my 10 year old son for about 6 months and he has been fantastic. He is has let my son decide the path in which he learns and has been encouraging him every step of the way. Danny listens to Samuel when he is having difficulty with a song and guides him through hearing what is going on and how to replicate it, always making sure the process is as fun as it is productive.
I would highly recommend Danny to anyone who is looking for a drum teacher, Samuel's ability has come on in leaps over the last 6 months under his tuition.' - Mark Cunningham

Listed in All Tutors, DBS / CRB Checked, Located at a drumming studio, References available

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