Casual Tutor Membership

No monthly charge for Casual Teachers

DTN doesn’t make profit, but we have costs to cover. Your tutor profile will help generate new paying students for you, so we just ask for a small contribution towards the running costs when you successfully gain a new paying student through your profile.

This is called the ‘Gain & Retain’ Fee. It is a one-off fee per new student gained.

Please tick the box and hit the continue button to confirm that you understand that joining as a Casual member is not exactly ‘free’. However, you’ll only receive an invoice when you gain a new student who continues lessons with you beyond 1 month (or longer). Read the FAQs below for further information.

    I confirm I want to set up a profile as a Casual teacher and I agree to pay the 'Gain & Retain Fee' for each new paying student I receive via the Drum Teacher Map.

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    DTN Casual tutor membership - how it works

    The ‘Gain & Retain’ Fee is £15.

    • The ‘Gain & Retain’ fee ONLY applies to Tutors who opt for the Casual membership.
    • Subscribe to the Pro (£5/month) or Club (£30/month) membership to avoid paying the Gain & Retain fee.
    • It can work out much cheaper per year to subscribe for an annual Pro or Club membership.

    In all cases, if the student fails to turn up for the first lesson or does not pay you for ongoing lessons, we will void your invoice so you do not pay any fees for cancelled bookings or non-retained students.

    Pro and Club members don’t pay any Gain & Retain fees


    Unlimited new students – all for the price of a pint or a couple of coffees!

    Pro is the price of a pint or a couple of coffees

    Go Pro!


    Fully featured membership with huge benefits & tons of teaching resources

    Club tutor membership key features

    Join Club!

    If you accept more than 1 new student in 3 months it works out better value to start a Pro profile. For added features and the maximum benefits you’ll want to check out the Club membership. This table shows how the fees compare across the options:

    DTN tutor price comparison

    Compare costs of gaining new students as a Casual Tutor vs the fixed monthly fee for Pro or Club membership.


    2 months Free for Pro and Club members!

    Sign up for a year on either the Pro or Club membership and you’ll get 12 months for the price of 10.

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    Casual Tutor Membership FAQs

    When is the Gain & Retain fee charged?
    Only when a new student has started paid lessons with you. You are invoiced on the last day of the month following the calendar month the student first contacted you.

    So sometimes there is no fee?
    Yes – correct. In the rare situation where a student decides they don’t like your teaching style or just doesn’t gel with you during the first 1 or 2 lessons, then we’ll help them find an alternative tutor and you won’t pay a fee (because you will not have gained a new student). However, we must stress that this is a rare occurrence, and most students go on to continue happily with their tutor for ongoing lessons.

    How much is it?
    The cost of gaining a new student is £15. This is a one-off fee. It is paid only once per new student gained.

    Remember, the £15 fee is only due at the end of the calendar month following the month that the student got in touch to book lessons.

    Example: If you charge your students £35 per hour, and they pay you for 10 lessons you would receive £350. You would need to pay the £15 contribution to DTN. The fee is tax-deductible as a business expense.

    What happens if I don’t pay?
    We are a community of drum teachers and we all look out for each other to gain new students. So if a member decides to not pay out of bad faith, then that tutor will be removed from the Drum Teacher Map and will receive no further students. It will also give that teacher a bad reputation with all the other teachers in the entire network, so it could have a bigger impact on other work beyond teaching. However, if there are genuine financial hardships and a tutor cannot pay their Gain & Retain fee for some reason, the tutor must let us know so we can help. Remember we are a community of drum teachers, run by drummers for drummers. By being part of it all tutors agree to play fair.

    OK – Got it!

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