The Drumming Teacher Network is a collective of professional drum tutors based in the UK.

The website is free to use. We are not a tutor agency.

Meet The Tutors

Drum Tutors

View tutor profiles by entering your location in the search box. This will provide a list and a map of all the tutors in your area.

Every tutor has a fully-featured profile on the website.

The website is not simply a tutor directory. It is an active community of drum teachers.

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We Love Teaching

We love drums and we love to share passion and knowledge of the instrument with our students.

The drum teachers are dedicated to providing excellent personalised tuition and cover a huge range of specialisms, styles and music genres.

Because every tutor has different teaching facilities and expertise it means there is no standard “one-size-fits-all” pricing structure for lessons. Read our Guide to Drum Tuition Fees

A free search & booking service

There are no booking fees or commission added to the teacher’s fee for booking online via the website. That’s a refreshing change for an online booking service!

How and why we don’t charge users: It’s deep rooted in our history that the Drumming Teacher Network supports the work of independent drum teachers and its main aim is to be able to give more people access to learning and playing the drums. The website is supported by its members and sponsors. We may need to introduce booking fees at some point in the future but enjoy it whilst it’s free!


Elephant Drums

Visit Elephant Drums at www.elephantdrums.co.uk. Based in London, Elephant Drums runs drumming events, community drum workshops and has a host of free tuition articles on their website. They also do private drum lessons at their central London studios. Elephant Drums supports the Drum Teacher Map by running the Gift Voucher services that we offer through the website.

We recommend following Elephant Drums on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook as well as checking out their free articles and resources on the Elephant Drums website.

INTO Drums Initiative

The Drum Teacher Map is part of the INTO Drums Initiative, created to support people of any age and ability to start playing and learning the drums. The aim of the initiative is to increase participation in music and access to drumming in particular. The initiative is also engaged in promoting the positive physical and mental health benefits of drumming.

Drum Teacher News

A daily round up of news and views from the world of drumming and music education, published online for free. The Drum Teacher News is published by Paperli and contains news stories, videos, resources and reviews. The newspaper is aimed at drum teachers, but it is often of interest to students and teachers of other instruments too.


JamSocial (www.jamsocial.co.uk) runs live performance workshops and band courses for adults and young people. Meet and play with like-minded musicians and form a band. Playing with other musicians is a vital part of learning an instrument.

We wish to thank our sponsors and supporters for their generosity and support which enables us to keep the Drum Teacher Map running, growing and fulfilling its aims.

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If you run or represent a drumming or music education organisation and you would like to discuss advertising/sponsorship opportunities on the Drum Teacher Map website, please contact us.

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