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Drum lessons in Manchester, M40 7EZ

£20 per hour
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I’m a drum teacher based in Manchester with many years of experience both teaching and playing.

I can offer lessons from my studio located just out of the city centre, where a full professional level kit is available for use.
Or depending on distance, I can also travel to you if you’d prefer to learn on your set up!

I charge £15 for half an hour and £20 an hour.

Together we can learn a variety of things. From songs you’d love to learn, Rockschool Grades, rudiments, hand/foot speed, limb independence and so on!

I can also record drums at my studio, for YouTube covers and for self assessment.


Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles & Specialisms: , , , , , , , , ,


I teach at a fixed location (studio)

Mapex Saturn 6 piece drum kit
Mapex Black Panther Snares
Full range of Sabian cymbals. HHX, AAX, HH and so on...

I do home visits (mobile tutor)

I can travel (up to): 30 minutes

Travel expenses: No more than £5 extra for travel. Any additional fees can be negotiated!

Experience and Qualifications

I have been teaching drums professionally for over five years now.
I love drumming and sharing my knowledge with people!

Testimonials and References

Parent testimonial -

My son Joe was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome with sensory difficulties at the age of 9. He found everyday life very frustrating and often had angry outbursts which was distressing for himself and those around him. When he was 11 I decided that I would buy him a drum kit as I wondered if this would be an outlet for his frustration. I found Patrick on a music website and he began teaching Joe weekly. Joe immediately fell in love with drumming and Patrick was so encouraging and patient with Joe that he has absolutely excelled. Joe was taught exclusively by Patrick for 8 months until he went to university and since then has had regular lessons from Patrick when he is home from university in addition to his other lessons. Joe is now 14 and is due to take his grade 8 exam by the time he turns 15.
Patrick has been an amazing influence in Joe’s life and a wonderful role model. He has not only given him the technical skills and musical knowledge he needs, but has inspired him to work hard and focus on something which has made Joe’s life happy and rewarding. Joe is in a band now and performs regularly, he is also planning to work in music when he grows up. As a family we are so grateful to Patrick for what he has done and we would recommend him to anyone as a teacher.

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