Mattia Collu

Mattia Collu

Drum lessons in Bristol, City of Bristol BS5 0RT, UK

£20 per hour
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I am extremely passionate about drumming and I’m always looking for interesting projects to join to.

I have been drumming for fifteen years, having Giampaolo Ascolese, Claudio Mastracci, Roberto Pellegrini, Sergio Bellotti, Davide Piscopo among my teachers.

I worked with several jazz bands in orchestral, blues, pop, swing and jazz music scene.

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate
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I teach at a fixed location (studio)

Drum kits & resources

Experience and Qualifications

I studied at the Saint Louis Music School and I got a degree in Jazz music at the Conservatory. I have been teaching drum lessons over six years. I have been providing face-to-face drum lessons in Bristol, where one by one students could be driven in their own route of study. I am extremely patient and meticulous.

My drum lessons depend from your level. I can begin from rudiments or take care of your personal style of drumming. The lessons will be focused on reading, coordination, technique and performance.

Prices & Options

Standard hourly rate: £20

Further pricing details: Lessons are charged per hour drop in rate or, if you prefer could be charged for four or six one-hour-block lesson. I would like motivated people and no time wasters. Beginners are welcome, no experience is requested.

half hour £15
one hour £20
4 week 1/2-hour block £45 11.25
4 week 1-hour block £65 16.25
6 week 1/2-hour block £60 10
6 week 1-hour block £90 15

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