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Francesco Azzariti

Drum lessons in Pinner, Harrow, Middlesex, HA5 1DY

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Hello! I’m Francesco but all my students call me Frankie.
I’ve been playing drums and guitar since I was 15 years old living in Venezuela. I continued my studies in an American college for a year, to then decide to get my bachelors degree in Italy; a school called MAEurope (or currently Music Academy), affiliated with Middlesex, ACM and LAMA. After getting my B.A. Degree I moved to London where I continued to teach with a couple of agencies and play as a session musician for a couple of acts.
I’ve been teaching since I was 22 years old in the same school I was getting my B.A. Degree: MAEurope. My first class ever were a group of 6-years old kids; lucky me ha? Well, they were great! The main challenge of having such a young age class was to keep them entertained and not loose focus. This situation gave me the tools to create my own way of teaching which is usually laid back, fun and not with a “school” approach towards the student. The kids don’t even realize they are learning until they actually get home and know how to play the instrument! Especially with young students. it is important to make the lessons fun and not tedious as this experience sets the way the student will look at the instrument for the rest of their lives: boring classes = boring instrument.
These tools are good for adults too. I won’t use childish games, of course; but the ability to keep the lesson fluent and entertaining is one of my priorities.

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master
Styles & Specialisms: , , , , , , ,

I teach at a fixed location (studio)

Electric Drumkit:
- Iron Cobra Tama Pedal

Vic Firth Exercise Pad

Recording Equipment:
- Logic X
- M-Audio Condenser Mic
- M-Audio Sound Interface

I have a DBS Disclosure Certificate (What's this?)

DBS date: 03rd March 2021 (Updated Service)

Experience and Qualifications

MAEurope/Middlesex (2012) - 1.1 Music Performance (Bachelors)
MAEurope/Middlesex (2010) - Higher Diploma - Drums (College)
MAEurope/Middlesex (2009) - B-Tec National Diploma (Guitar)
MAEurope/Middlesex (2008) - B-Tec National Diploma (Drums)

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Standard hourly rate: £40

Further pricing details: 5 Lessons - 180£ (Last lesson half priced)
10 Lessons - 360£ (Last lesson free)

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