Dominic Henderson

Drum lessons in North Finchley, London N12, UK

£30 per hour
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I can teach a variety of styles and I have access to many resources for all kinds of styles of drumming; perfect for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge or get to learn a new style. I primarily teach beginner and intermediate drummers, but I can teach at a higher level (grades 6, 7 and 8).

Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate
Styles & Specialisms: , , , , ,


I do home visits (mobile tutor)

I can travel (up to): 45 minutes

I have a DBS Disclosure Certificate (What's this?)

DBS date: n/a

Experience and Qualifications

I have a grade 5 drum qualification, and grade 5 in music theory. I have a degree in music from UEA, and I have been playing as a session drummer on and off for the last 7 years.

Listed in All Tutors, Mobile Tutor (travels to student's home)

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