Drum Lessons in London

Drum Lessons in London

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We host the biggest choice of professional drum tutors based in London.

London Drum Lessons

It’s free to search tutor profiles, contact teachers, and book drum lessons.

Drum teachers on the Drumming Teacher Network provide drum lessons in every part of London, from north London to south London, east to west.

Whether you want to learn Rock in Richmond, Hip Hop in Harringay, or Soul in Southwark; you’ll find a teacher for every specialism and drumming style in every part of the city.

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London drum teacher locations:

Each drum teacher’s profile page shows where in London the teacher is located – just have a look at the map. The tutor’s profile also shows whether the drum lessons take place at a drum studio (fixed location) or if the tutor travels around London to teach the student at their own location (e.g. home tuition).

At Drum Studio

Fixed Location

Teacher is based at a drumming studio

Mobile Tutor

Mobile Teacher

Teacher travels to students’ homes

Simply look for the relevant icons on the teacher’s profile which show whether the drum lessons are taught at a fixed location or if the teacher offers home tuition.

For further info and help about using the site please see Tutor Profiles Explained

Drum Lessons in London

We are based all over London, using professional drum tuition studios to deliver great drum lessons. We also do home tuition for students that would prefer lessons at home on their own drum kit. Just look out for the “mobile tutor” icon if you want a tutor to visit.

Drum Lessons outside London

If you would like to find a drum teacher that covers other parts of the country simply type your location into the orange search box at the top of the page. The Drumming Teacher Network is growing throughout the UK. We have the greatest number of teachers based in London because there are more drummers in London than in other places, but we are striving towards having teachers everywhere.

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